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Beautiful Newborn {A} | Newborn Photo...

Beautiful Newborn {A} | Newborn Photographer Janesville, WI
As with all of our newborn sessions, you never know how well they are going to go. Usually the only thing I know is that I will likely get peed on if we do naked shots, but that’s about it. I try to prepare my newborn clients really well for what to expect and how to get the sleepiest babies, but sometimes they just aren’t having [...]

Beautiful Bliss Class of 2013 | Senio...

Beautiful Bliss Class of 2013 | Senior Pictures Janesville, WI
One of our senior spokes models this year was recommended to us by one of our seniors from last year.  When I looked her up on Facebook to contact her about the session it turned out she is the little sister of a former classmate from high school (whom I also just did pictures for also – check out Lexie P1).  I saw that we had a few mut [...]

Bouncing Butterflies | Children’...

Bouncing Butterflies | Children’s Photography Janesville, WI
I had an idea to do a shoot of my girls running around outside with tutus and butterfly wings.  So when our neighbor’s got a trampoline I thought it might be really fun to use that for the shoot.  Our girls also love bubbles so we did a few pictures of them chasing around bubbles too. There’s one other photo that I had taken earli [...]

Handsome Bright Eyed Little {T} ̵...

Handsome Bright Eyed Little {T} – Newborn Photography – Janesville, WI
A very good friend of mine finally had her baby. And he is absolutely handsome.  Of course when you see his parents, there’s no question that he will be so adorable.  We visited them at the hospital and took some pictures and then because she had to have a c-section and we have 25 stairs to get up to our studio I loaded up the car and t [...]

All Baby Belly – Maternity Phot...

All Baby Belly – Maternity Photography – Janesville, WI
A friend of mine is expecting.  She has always been in great shape because she has worked hard and I think her genes are pretty good to start with.  All throughout her pregnancy she has seriously been all baby belly. Her & her husband came in and we did their maternity pictures.  She seriously has such a cute baby belly. 0 Commen [...]

Brooke Senior Model

Brooke Senior Model
Brooke was my first Senior Model from Parker High School my alma matter. She knows my Rep from Milton so she contacted me. I was really excited because I had contacted a few people in hopes to get reps from Parker, but hadn’t had any luck.  Brooke and her mom were really fun and she had such an amazing prom dress.  And she was from Texa [...]

Lexie – You’ve Got This! ...

Lexie – You’ve Got This! – P1 – Glamour Photography – Janesville, WI
A classmate from high school was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Brain Tumor. She had 2 craniotomies last summer and was only given a year to live.  With a lot of prayer and a wonderful doctor and some big changes on her part, her tumor is stable right now. We are friends on Facebook so I have been following her journey through all of this and I am [...]

Sleepy Little Guy – Newborn Pho...

Sleepy Little Guy – Newborn Photography Janesville, WI
I photographed this adorable little guy on Friday.  He was so sweet and sleepy and they had some of the most adorable presents in their room for him and his family.  The mom’s cousin made this adorable baby cake pops (which were delicious thanks for sharing). Little baby {W} was just so adorable, sweet, and sleepy. [...]

Bright Eyes – Newborn Photograp...

Bright Eyes – Newborn Photography Janesville, WI
This absolutely adorable little guy had the brightest eyes when I was photographing him today at Mercy.  He was so cute and it was amazing how much he was looking at me. 0 Comments*Enter your name*The entered E-mail is invalid.*2 characters minimum. Share it! Like this:Like Loading...

My most amazing newborn shoot to date...

My most amazing newborn shoot to date – Newborn Photography – Janesville, WI
I love photographing all newborns.  Sometimes they stay awake the entire session and sometime they sleep really good and sometimes they do a little bit of both.  But if a newborn doesn’t get to a really deep sleep I am not able to get some of the more fun poses.  I know {M}’s parents through my friend and former co-worker. I photo [...]

Mitchy – Senior Model – S...

Mitchy – Senior Model – Senior Photography – Janesville, WI
Mitchy is our second Senior Model. She attends Milton High School.  She had such a fun personality and loved to be photographed.  She brought her prom dress in and wow was it amazing; hot Pink & orange with a ton of tulle and sparkles galore.  We started in our studio and then headed outside. One of the most amazing things about our loca [...]

Rain Chain – Commercial Work

Rain Chain – Commercial Work
Not only do we do portraits, but we also do commercial work. This product is called a rain chain, you use these instead of a downspout to direct the rain off of your eaves trough.  They have them available in a variety of colors, blue, copper & white. And they have rope lights that fit in the cups and light them up. So I spent my evening [...]

Alana – Senior Model – Se...

Alana – Senior Model – Senior Photography – Janesville, WI
So far I have had 3 Senior Models that have come to the studio. They get their senior pictures done early and get a discounted price.  Then they get Rep cards that they get to hand out to their friends at school giving their friends & them discounts and extra products.  Our first Senior Model attends Craig High School and is a friend of [...]

Four Generations

Four Generations
I did a shoot for a family that included four generations.  And they all looked amazing I never would have thought there were four generations in the photo.  The oldest son is getting ready to graduate from high school this spring so mom had a special project in mind with some pictures of her son with his grandma & great grandma. They we [...]

Bunny Family Fun!

Bunny Family Fun!
I have known this family since the older brother was about 3 years old and the younger brother is about the same age as my oldest daughter so I have really watched them grow up.  We met at a park in Shopiere where they fire off their fireworks. There were some beautiful willow trees and a really nice limestone rock step area. Since it was Eas [...]