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Sweet Miss {B} 18 Months | Children P...

Sweet Miss {B} 18 Months | Children Photographer Janesville, WI
I have known this little lady since she was a newborn and she has been back to see me every 6 months.  It’s been so awesome to watch her grow up. She has always been full of personality at her sessions and full of some of the best serious faces ever! One of her pictures is featured at our baby and newborn display at Mercy Hospital in Ja [...]

Adorable Newborn {A} | Newborn Photog...

Adorable Newborn {A} | Newborn Photographer Janesville, WI
We normally try to see babies within 5-14 days of age when born around their due date. But every once in a while we have older newborns that are closer to about a month. Sometimes they are harder to pose and get to sleep, but I still get great shots, like this little beauty! She did sleep briefly, but she was awake for most of the time, which [...]