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Mommy & Me Glam Addition! | Jane...

As a girl one of my favorite memories are when my aunt used to put make up on me and curl my hair. Every time she’d find a new curler system she’d try it out on me and it was so much fun. So being a mom of girls we love to play make up and dress up and doing each other’s hair. My youngest especially loves having her hair don [...]

Stunning {J} | Glamour Photography Ja...

Stunning {J} | Glamour Photography Janesville, WI
I have really been wanting to get into glamour photography. I have always loved the concept of it, but never knew exactly what to call it until recently.  So I did a few sessions with some friends and a local model and then a few more friends. As a mother’s day gift I did a giveaway for 3 glamour sessions. I did the first one a few week [...]

{M & A} Just for fun! | Photograp...

{M & A} Just for fun! | Photographer Janesville, WI
{M} is my fabulous sister in law and I have been wanting to do pictures of her and her dog Yoshi for some time. So her & her boyfriend and their 2 dogs came into the studio for a session just for fun. So Yoshi my SIL’s little Morkie was pretty easy going during the session, but Stewie a pitbull, on the other hand is a little more ro [...]

Stunning {A} | Glamour Photography Ja...

Stunning {A} | Glamour Photography Janesville WI
I have done a few of glamour/boudoir type sessions, but some of them were for family members and other friends that I have just been unable to post online. Obviously I respect everyone’s privacy so I don’t expect everyone to want their private photos to be on the internet for the whole world to see, but I love being able to share [...]

The Dress Down on the Farm | Janesvil...

The Dress Down on the Farm | Janesville, WI
My cousin was married last weekend, so we got together on Wednesday for a post wedding dress shoot with her horses on her & her husband’s farm.  She has 2 horses and 2 dogs and they are definitely her “children” although hopefully she’ll have another child soon.  So we went out to the back of her field and took so [...]

Brisa Albuquerquer International Rep...

Brisa Albuquerquer  International Reporter | Glamour Photography Janesville, WI
When I was in high school my family hosted a foreign exchange student from Brazil. I was friends with the sister in her first host family so we were thrilled to be able to have her stay with us. We became very close while she stayed with my family and continued to be close when she moved onto her last host family.  Over the past 10 years we h [...]

Lexie – You’ve Got This! ...

Lexie – You’ve Got This! – P1 – Glamour Photography – Janesville, WI
A classmate from high school was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Brain Tumor. She had 2 craniotomies last summer and was only given a year to live.  With a lot of prayer and a wonderful doctor and some big changes on her part, her tumor is stable right now. We are friends on Facebook so I have been following her journey through all of this and I am [...]

Sisters Glamour Shoots

Sisters Glamour Shoots
I had these 3 gorgeous sisters in the studio for a glamour shoot. The girls each brought in 4 outfits and we did some gorgeous photos of them just being themselves. I believe all women should have photos taken of them where they feel gorgeous and look great.  Other than your senior pictures when was the last time you had a portrait session th [...]

Glamour Shoot

Glamour Shoot
I’m working towards a new area in my business doing Glamorous photos for women particularly and men if they are interested. I think that it’s important that women have photos that they look and feel good in, semi-regularly (so every couple of years). The last time I had a photoshoot done that was just about me was when I got my se [...]