Beautiful Miss {E} | Janesville, WI Photographer

Beautiful Miss {E} did such a great job doing her pictures. Every year she does a photoshoot in her mom’s wedding dress. You can see her pictures from last year here. You can already tell what a little star actress she is becoming with all of her expressions. We started with a tea party by a willow tree with Pinky Pie Pony and then we did some by some beautiful fall leaves.

IMG_7137 IMG_7144 IMG_7149 IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7174 IMG_7179 IMG_7180 IMG_7192 IMG_7192-001 IMG_7197 IMG_7207 IMG_7223 IMG_7240 IMG_7246 IMG_7253 IMG_7258 IMG_7274 IMG_7285 IMG_7302 IMG_7307

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