Behind the Lens

Ruth_Colby_AlternativePhotoDesignRuth is the primary photographer at Alternative Photo & Design. She has over 10 years of experience doing photography & design work. Ruth grew up in a very artistic family, her mom Mary (our second shooter) has always loved photography; so Ruth has spent her entire life behind and in front of cameras. When Ruth was young her mom was going to school at UW Madison for Photography and Graphics, so Ruth would often spend days off from school with her mom in computer labs playing with Photoshop and in the dark room at UW Madison. So after Ruth’s daughter Annabell was born, she became more interested in capturing the amazing moments of her daughter’s life with a great camera. Eventually her hobby turned into more and Ruth opened Alternative Photo & Design. Now she has 2 beautiful daughters who make amazing models and the best technical support her husband Chris. Creativity has always been a huge part of her life, so she feels this is the perfect fit being able to spend time with adorable babies, “playing around” in Photoshop and using textures, colors and accessories to create beautiful unique images that her customers will cherish forever!

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