We offer classes as private lessons as well as classes to groups.  Here are a list of the classes we presently offer.  If you don’t see the class you’re looking for just ask us we might not realize there’s an interest out there. 

Getting the Most out of Your Digital Camera – a basic tutorial for importing your photos, basic editing including cropping, Contrast, Color, B&W, Sepia, uploading them to printing sites, burning DVD’s/CD’s.  (Using Picasa – Google’s Free Photo Editing Software)

Learning to shoot in Manual – a basic tutorial for understanding apeture, iso, shutter speed, white balance and all of the other things that make up shooting in manual and creating beautiful & amazing images yourself. 

Digital Scrapbooking – The Basics – Creating your own collages and digital scrapbooking pages.  You will receive a start up kit included and information about downloading free stuff on the internet.  

Digital Scrapbooking – Advanced – You will learn about advanced editing scrapbooking items, and creating your own scrapbooking items including paper, alphas, and embellishments.  

Microsoft Excel Basics – Learn how to create an Excel spreadsheet, enter and edit text and numbers, add rows & columns, use simple formulas. 

Microsoft Word Basics – Learn the basics of Microsoft Word 2007 & 2010. Learn how to create a document, fix spelling errors, change margins, cut, copy & paste, bullet points, etc. 

Microsoft Powerpoint Basics – Learn how to create a Powerpoint Presentation with animations. 

Adobe Photoshop Basics – Learn advanced editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop, including layers, masks, Filters, file formats 

Adobe Lightroom Basics – Learn basic editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom, including using presets, exporting files, and basic editing. Also get some resources for finding Lightroom presets on the internet. 

Facebook Basics – Personal Pages – Learn how to set up a facebook account, find & add friends, send an email, learn what your wall is, upload photos, get facebook on your smartphone and other basics about Facebook Personal Pages. 

Facebook Basics – Business Pages – Learn how to set up a facebook business page, learn about a welcome page, and other ways to boost your “fan base”.  Learn how to add account Admins, and other basics about Facebook Business Pages.

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