DIY Newborn Pants & Hat Set

Well it seems a trend in newborn photography right now are little pants a lot of times with matching hats. So since I am an avid DIY girl and I have made a ton of newborn hats (which you can see here) I figured I’d take a whack at it and it was super easy. I do not crochet or knit, so it’s way easier for me to use upcycling. I had a pretty big collection of sweaters that I didn’t wear anymore because they had a whole or 2 or for whatever reason I wasn’t wearing anymore so I started with those. Then I bought the colors I didn’t have at Good Will when they were having a sale and they were $1.49 and then I have even more from my great aunt’s estate. I have lots of cashmere ones so they are super cuddly & soft for newborns. The one I decided to do was a neutral color and this one is 100% cotton. I have probably made about 50 different hats now and all different colors & patterns. I have even made a chick, a bunny, an apple, a pumpkin, a kitty, a cow to name of few of the special ones I’ve made.

1. Cut out a rectangular piece of the sweater. I did it on the seem so I didn’t have to sew that whole side. I used the bottom of the sweater’s finished edge as the top of the pants. I made mine approximately 11″ long and about 8″ wide. I took a pair of old baby pants to use as my “pattern”

2. Cut out the middle triangle trying to have both sides be as even as possible. 

3. Then turn the fabric inside out and do a blanket stitch (which can be seen here) all the way down the side and in between the legs. Then I had 2 buttons in my sewing box so I sewed one of them on the pants & one of them on the matching hat. the legs look a little uneven in the picture, but it’s just the way the one side rolled under a little. I left the bottom unfinished, but you could certainly hem them a little if you felt it was necessary. 

4. Then I cut out a hat out of the same fabric using a cotton newborn beanie as the pattern and using the same blanket stitch and sewed on the matching button. Voila it literally took me about an hour to cut & sew them. And this sweater was free so my total cost is the thread & the button probably about $2. 
I made these last week and will have at least 2 newborns in my studio this week, so hopefully I will get to use them.  I will definitely post a picture of them in action once I get one. 
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