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I have done a few of glamour/boudoir type sessions, but some of them were for family members and other friends that I have just been unable to post online. Obviously I respect everyone’s privacy so I don’t expect everyone to want their private photos to be on the internet for the whole world to see, but I love being able to share these.

Hair & Make up done by Salon A La Mode!!! 

This session was so much fun. We have quite a few options for accessories that can really make a glamour session like this fun.  All of the tutus in these pictures are at the studio and available for use. I also have some lace tank tops, and other pieces that work great for tops. Here we also used a vintage slip that is ours as well. So really you don’t need a whole lot to get some great images. Maybe a slip of your own, a couple bra & panty sets, maybe a sports jersey, or even a button down shirt of your husbands. So get ready ladies for a fabulous day of pampering and fun! And be sure to make plans with the girls or your husband, because you are going to look so fabulous after the session, you’ll have to go out & have some fun! And why not make it a girl’s day out, bring your girlfriend & do a double make over & photoshoot. I’ll bring the champagne.

And if you’re not a size 0 or whatever it doesn’t matter, we have fabulous posing designed to make every girl look and feel fabulous. All images are professionally retouched as well so no need to worry about stretch marks, acne, scars or other issues. We touch all of that up, just like we do on every session.


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