Miss {C} is 1 | Photographer Janesville, WI

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years ago that I first photographed this family and now they are a handsome almost 3 year old and an adorable 1 year old. They are just so adorable!  At first it took a bit to get Miss {C} to warm up, but in the end we got so many cute facial expressions. And even thought her big brother had so much energy, we still managed to get some cute ones of them together.

IMG_5739- IMG_5776 IMG_5782 IMG_5835 IMG_5852 IMG_5858 IMG_5879 IMG_5885 IMG_5914 IMG_5929 IMG_5941 IMG_5960 IMG_5962 IMG_5970 IMG_5985- IMG_6030 IMG_6040 IMG_6066

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