Miss {D} 9 Months | Photographer Janesville, WI

This little sweetie pie just turned 9 months. And her big brother is just about to turn 3 years old so we were able to do their photos together along with a few of the three of them. They are all so well behaved and adorable and always have the cutest outfits and props. Big brother loves Legos.

IMG_8174 IMG_8182-1 IMG_8215 IMG_8224 IMG_8232-1 IMG_8290-1 IMG_8342

Little sister was not interested in sitting with her brothers, she wanted to stand or just not sit with them LOL.


This one was just too funny not to share. This is how most of the photos of the 3 of them turned out, luckily we were able to catch a few with all of them looking and smiling.

IMG_8387 IMG_8392 IMG_8452-1 IMG_8467-1 IMG_8528 IMG_8541-1 IMG_8548 IMG_8557

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