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We just started a new aspect of our photography business, working for a Company called Pitter Patter Pix. They are a company that provides beautiful, creative and artistic photos for new parents right at the hospitals instead of those “mugshot” style photos I’m sure all of us have seen. They hire freelance photographers like my mom & I to take photos right at the hospitals. We saw the job and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to expand our newborn portfolio and as well as make a lot of connections with new potential clients. I had training this week and I am so excited to be a part of the team that provides photos for parents at Mercy Hospital in Janesville, WI. We still offer our newborn photos of babies at about a week old with usually right in the parents home with all of our props & backgrounds etc., but this is a great service to offer parents right at the hospital. I’ve done four shoots so far and these are some of my favorite photos from my shoots. All photos in this slideshow are copyright Pitter Patter Pix. 

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