Do you have boxes of old photos, slides & negatives laying around your house?  We can scan them so you can enjoy them and share the memories with loved ones.  Imagine if you lost all of those years of memories in a fire or flood, we can create a backup set for you so you don’t lose your precious memories.  In addition to scanning your photos we will also enhance them so some photos that were overexposed or underexposed in print might be ruined, but as a digital file you might be able to save them.  We will scan your photos, slides & negatives and create high resolution images that will withstand the test of time.  We will give you the images on a CD or DVD.  Below are some examples of scanned photos as well as scanned & retouched photos.  

In addition to scanning your photos we also offer Celebration of Life DVD Slideshows & Celebration of Life Books.  Why not take those scanned photos to the next level and create a beautiful slideshow to music of your favorite photos.  We offer our services for weddings, funeral, birthday parties or just for fun.  We will put your photos to your favorite songs that you can play in any DVD player.  What a great way to honor and celebrate your life or the life of a loved one.  Contact Ruth for pricing & information.

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